jeyton appreciation week 2014 » day seven: happily ever after au

Season six with a twist. Years after gaining sole custody of Jenny, and with a string of unsatisfying jobs behind him, Jake decides to return to Tree Hill to get back to his music career. As he returns, he happens to run into the one girl he’d hoped to find, but she’s off the market. Peyton and Lucas are together (but not engaged), but he thinks he can handle being around her, seeing as she’s the owner of Red Bedroom Records, the label he’d been hoping to get signed to. And get signed he does. They work together for a while, but soon enough, the tension gets to be too much to bear. They were in love once, they like to tell themselves, but deep down they both know the once part is a lie. They take a break from working together, needing time to sort their thoughts out on their own, but then the unthinkable happens. After Peyton gets in a car accident, Jake is forced to confront his feelings for her. And when he goes to her, and asks her if she still feels the same after all these years, she can’t help but tell him that she’s never stopped loving him. Someday is now.

jeyton appreciation week 2014 | day three: favorite quotes.

"If my hopes could bring you home, you and Jenny would be with me now."

“You’re too amazing to carry this around, you’re too full of greatness… I love you too much.”

jeyton appreciation week 2014 | day two: favorite moment(s) from each season.